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Eren Yeager ImaginesThis article is about the 104th Cadet Corps graduate. See more ideas about eren jaeger, attack on titan, attack on titan eren. Eren Yeager & 9 Other Anime Characters Who Hit Different …. Even then, Guts might just get lucky and hit the nape. Crossover art from Seven Signs Art imagines a combination of Ikari's Evangelion mecha and Yeager's titan form, creating a daunting foe for any titan or angel. Rameses B - Ramsey - Goodbye (Rameses B Bootleg) [Arcane League of Legends Netflix series] 227K. - He'd wear sweatpants and hoodies all the time. Eren está perdidamente apaixonado por você, então ele decidi dar mais um passo na relação. 0:32 Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2「AMV」Enemy (Imagine Dragons). Once you were sitting up, you were breathing a little too heavily. Imagine when you're at work, a large seal just drops a bunch of edible fish in front of you because he's proving that he can provide for the family. Simp City — Actor!Eren Yeager Headcanons. A loud, echoing roar sounds from beyond the stage before you and you are momentarily struck from your daydream. Often closed off but will open up to you. tv/sontexzzIgnorem as tagsAttack on titan Titan de …. happy birthday to everyones favourite lil psycho ♡ warnings: drunk reader, fluff, eren is so in love. Erwin and Levi share a mutual and equal relationship that is full of trust, care and devotion. he persevered to become stronger so t. 9+ CRAZY Eren Yeager Quotes. Originally posted by noheartospare. Discover short videos related to attack on titan eren yeager imagines on TikTok. com/840351976-%F0%9D%90%88%F0%9D%90%8C%F0%9D%90%80%F0%9D%90%86%F0%9D%90%88%F0%9D%90%8D%F0%9D%90%84-eren-jaeger-imagine Read IMAGINE from the story IMAGINE , eren jaeger by naginii- (uchiha) with 24595 reads. The declaration of war was upon you …. Eren Yeager VS Ken Kaneki Part3. (Eren x Reader MODERN!AU) Title comes from the song by Michael Franks. Discover short videos related to eren yeager as your husband imagines on TikTok. Read hottest manga online for free, feel the best experience 100%! bertolt x reiner. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Eren Jaeger animated GIFs to your conversations. Here are the files that you asked for. Eren graduates 5th in the 104th Training Corps. Enjoy our set of 93 Eren Yeager Pictures. Eren kinda played himself because he struggled with opening the latches himself. "You alright?" he asked his breath puffing on your lips. ⚠️ contains season 4 spoilers from recent episodes!! this will be updated accordingly to the epi 𝐒𝐔𝐁𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐍𝐂𝐄. IMAGINE | You can still see the titan marks under his eyes as well as the hunger for your taste. You pressed your forehead against his, smiling softly. Eren's skin is definitely tanned from how much time he's spent outside. Attack on Titan Season 4 part 2. Eren Jaeger is a member of the Scout Regiment, ranking 5th among the 104th Cadet Corps, and the main protagonist of Attack on Titan. Eren Jaeger MasterlistSerenity Tease. ↯ summary: eren is hiding, and you find him. Disclaimer:"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act of …. hey hey hey bestie , thankyou for taking my quiz and have a good day :)) i have an exam tomorrow but screw it lets do a quiz instead 😮‍💨. Originally posted by kyojuuros. IT IS NOW COMPLETE 😆😆 1407380008073441 #genshinimpact #letsgocrimsonknight. The anime can be split into four different blocks of content: the 2013 season and its films, the 2017 season and its film, the 2018-2019 season and its film, and the. Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #erenyeagerimagine, #erenyeager, #eren_yeager. The Survey Corps is no stranger to female soldiers, but you are easily outnumbered by your male counterparts. attackontitan, fairytail, fanfic ↯ pairing: levi ackerman x (fem) reader ↯ genres and warnings: college au, how many ways can i fit levi’s captain status into the modern world, fluff ↯ notes: i love levi :// and i’m out of gifs to put at the top of these, so when i learn how to make headers i’ll let you guys know [eren …. Eren saw Dina in Titan form again when she fought the Armored Titan. A form of delusional insanity in which the imaginings assume a cheerful or joyous character. you guys talked and ended deciding to go out to the store. eren jaeger — any imagines or story requests? i’ll take any :)). I'M TRYING #projectsekai #theintensevoiceofhatsunemiku #dead. For this reason, and because of Eren’s kindness to give her a dark red scarf, which Mikasa cherished and wore all her life, she feels compelled to protect and follow him at all costs, including his participation in the Survey Corps. call me red - they/them - 20 - queer : eren yeager is the only man i will kneel before. “I love you, Eren,” you murmured, stroking his cheeks with your fingers. ") Eren rolls his eyes at the memory. Author’s Note: Hello Everybody!!Welcome to my blog :)) I finally decided to make a masterlist that contained all of my works! I hope this makes it easier for you to navigate my blog! Just a heads up, I write exclusively for Eren …. Discover short videos related to eren yeager imagines on TikTok. You can also upload and share your favorite Eren Yeager 4k wallpapers. Eren Yeager, the anti-hero unfortunately dies at the end of the Attack on Titan …. aye if he doesn’t start showing emotion soon, i’m gonna like, i don’t know, throw myself off a cliff. your body went above and beyond muscle aches. And after that you will clean out the horse stalls. Moving into how he looks as an adult, I'd imagine his highly placed cheekbones began to show as his round face hollowed out. Perfect for making your computer shine. Eren opted for the latter to get true freedom by sacrificing himself. he wraps you in blankets while your head rests on his chest. It's my fault and I'll take any punishment you believe is right sir. ♡ summary: armin’s dream has always been to travel the world and see new sights with eren…. Kaball's In Your Mouth — Word Count: 3467 Requested: yes. Before Eren's father, Grisha Yeager, had a family in Eldia, he had one in Marley. posts eren yeager imagines eren jaeger imagines. If you are looking for 93 Eren ideas in 2021 | eren jaeger, attack on titan, titans you've came to the right page. Some met up for an early morning snack while others took the pleasure of meeting with others to have a quick morning chat before heading out to work. In the year 844, Mikasa's mother teaches her an embroidery pattern known only to her family and encourages her to pass it on to her children. warnings: Eren himself should be a warning, none. And you slowly realized that 1: Eren Yeager the actor was very different from Eren Yeager the character; He was fun and laidback and kind of flirty if you were being honest; And 2: Eren Yeager the actor was extremely easy to talk to; He didn't try to hide anything; He was straightforward like his character, but not blunt or harsh. he'd be yelling, honking and get all frustrated like not even y/n could calm him down. Got mildly depressed because he thought he's no better than a baby. "You don't dry yourself up before leaving the bathroom?". You hummed thinking of your choice of words. According to the theory of the ethereal pathways that connect all Eldians, and by hints given by Eren Kruger in Grisha's memories, it's strongly hinted that Eren Yeager was meant to be the Attack Titan, or that there was at least a certain predisposition for him to acquire the Titan power, especially due to the fact that Kruger was able to. Every wall on the Island Of Paradis has been …. Download and use 80 Eren Yeager Wallpapers for Free. And Erwin was Levi's most important person, that could never be replaced, since he was an irreplaceable existence in Levi’s life. November Flush and Your Flannel Cure - The reader is studying in the library and gets interrupted by her good friend Eren …. 12 "If You Don't Fight, You Can't Win!" While the viewers day-to-day circumstances are vastly different from the nightmarish reality Eren Yeager …. You didn't know what would happen when you woke… But in that dreamless sleep. Hajime Isayama took out a brand new full-page advertisement in the Japanese publication, Asahi Shimbun, in which the mangaka imagines that Eren Jaeger was killed in a traffic accident and found. EruRi is the slash ship between Erwin Smith and Levi Ackerman from the Attack on Titan fandom. He loves poking at your belly after training or during meals. - Walks you to your classes <3 - He always goes so well in tests and exams he doesn't even need to study much or at all. His eyes very close, staring intently at you. You decided at a young age that you wanted to join the survey corps. Papers from more than 30 days ago are available, all the way back to 1881. Eren Yeager is a certified badass who fights like a boss! But have you ever imagined what our hero would look like in female form? Eren's creator has. idk if someone has already said this but i imagine rockstar!eren being a really aggressive driver. IMAGINE , eren jaeger - Wattpad www. I now speak to all the Subjects Of Ymir by way of the Founding Titan's power. Attack On Titan Creator Reimagines Series as an Isekai. We hope you enjoy the variety, and find something to save! Explore: Wallpapers Phone Wallpapers Art Images pfp Gifs. Eren Jaeger is the main antagonist of the show. CORPOREAL text — 1616266794 Eren Yeager, Daddy Edition (like an actual daddy) AN: Introducing the only time I’ll do a post about pregnancy or children or whatever! LIES. Welcome to my blog! Hi there, I'm Kana! I love to write for my favorite fictional boy, Eren Jaeger, in my spare time. Eren Yeager (Japanese: エレン・イェーガー, Hepburn: Eren Yēgā), named Eren Jaeger (Turkish: Eren, "Saint") (German: Jaeger/Jäger, "Hunter") in the subtitled and dubbed versions of the anime Attack on Titan, is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Attack on Titan manga series created by Hajime Isayama. You get mad at him but it's funny to him. romance, boyfriend, erwinsmith. The "Smiling Titan", who killed Eren's mother turned out to be Dina. Word Count: 4K Warnings: contains spoilers from season three. Eren yaeger ,Mikasa ackerman Mikasa X Eren, The Manga, Anime Manga, Durarara. Eren Yeager ( エレン・イェーガー Eren Yēgā?) is the 1st chapter of the 2nd volume and the 6th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Lost Girls manga, written and illustrated by Ryōsuke Fuji. Reason & Responsibility - Y/N’s hand is promised to another, but her pain fits in the palm of Eren’s freezing hand. which season ur fav eren ? (i hope u get the questions bcs idk how to explain 😭). you and eren watch all kinds of horror movies with halloween snacks and beer. ↯ genres and warnings: canonverse, fluff/comfort, me once again pushing my somebody please be gentle with eren agenda. ♡ contains: gn!reader with longer hair, like one swear word, modern au, platonic relationship, really self-indulgent, fluff. Hmm, I think Eren vs Berserker armor Guts would eventually go to Eren, simply because Guts wouldn't know where to kill Eren and Guts would bleed out after extended use. Reacting to the death of an S/O - Eren, Armin, Jean, Reiner, Marco, Levi, Erwin. Matsu can be quite shy and awkward in public himself, so when he found another person sharing these feelings, he was …. jn idg aoje kug gd db aaaa pds opim ilf fgg ded eaec baba dd hh ag ecg aohm fco ap aca da aaa aaa bfe bh fiag ddde ens ajid idg aoje kug gd db aaaa pds opim ilf fgg. Make games, stories and interactive art with Scratch. 2k) reader finally sees her lover eren after the team retrieves him to the airship, . The company can be reached via phone at (728) 675-7878, via email at [email protected] GlucoTrack® DF-F is intended for adults 18 years and older with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes; Medication intake and/or treatment. Imagine Naruto Bora ler ♡ PLÁGIO É CRIME!! Linda Rodriguez. Eren embarrasses Hannah and Franz. shingeki no kyojin attack on titan eren jaeger snk fall out boy Imagine Dragons eren My Chemical Romance mikasa ackerman Bastille Breaking Benjamin armin arlert 30 Seconds to Mars A. Dating Eren; Dating Eren part 2 (request) vinnie hacker imagines timothee chalamet imagines lando norris imagines pierre gasly imagines eren jaeger imagines eren yeager imagines vinnie hacker x reader timothee chalamet x reader lando norris x reader pierre gasly x reader eren yeager …. Apply different filters to your stickfigures - transparency, blur, glow, and more. Read ҉ Eren Yeager ҉ from the story Shingeki no kyojin [Imagines] by LeoxLevi (•. Their paths cross in an abandoned warehouse, as they are both kidnapped. A dor foi a primeira coisa que você registrou ao acordar. These cookies allow us to count visits and traffic sources so we can measure and improve the performance of our site. Nothing crazy, but definitely a noticable tan. Discover short videos related to eren yeager imagine stories on TikTok. to get snacks for your chilled movie night. Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #erenyeagerimagine, #erenyeager, #eren_yeager…. the hooks got tangled with your leg, piercing a little through your thigh, the burning sensation on your cheek when you fell, and the burnt hands that made it too difficult to touch the hot maneuver gear. Imagines by characters: Survey corps: • Levi Ackerman • Erwin Smith • Hanji/Hange Zoe • Ouro Bossard • Petra Ral • Gunther • Mike Zacharias • Eren Jaeger • Mikasa Ackerman • Armin Arlert • Jean imaginesnkdorks. always be with you ; eren yeager “warnings not edited, get a moment like this with Eren for a while and that you couldn't even imagine. A curated selection of 100+ 4K Ultra HD Eren Yeager Wallpapers. - His hand writing would be a lil goofy though. Discover erenjaeger imagine 's popular videos. Eren’s passion towards his duty is incomparable to anyone else’s. The jacket includes the Scout Regiment logo. Watch popular content from the following creators: bunny girl(@bunnygirljen01), Eren's fave girl(@erxmikaa), <3(@ukaisun), S H A D(@alphakurapika), zxnkey(@zxnkey), Ren’s(@erenisperfect), TOSHINORI(@yagamisbabe), 🥀Jade🥀(@editzby. you guys leave the apartment until mikasa calls you and tells you to go to armin’s place due to. Eren Yeager is the main protagonist of the anime/manga series Attack on Titan. I used she/her pronouns for the reader, feel free to imagine them as your own! Gif not mine. It’s my fault and I’ll take any punishment you believe is right sir. I wouldn't say Eren is a nervous father, but he wanted everything to be perfect when the baby rolled up. Unlike many characters who simply gain or lose facial hair thanks to the passage of time, Rei's grandfather from Sailor Moon looks different because of a drastic difference in design between mediums. saw @whorekneecafe do this with eren …. Eren Yeager is the son of a well known medical scientist and a doctor, Grisha Yeager. Eren Jaeger Masterlist- Scenarios/One-Shots/Imagines: Prom Night ♤♡ Snowy Adventures ♡ Keeping it Secret POV ♡♤ My Eyes Only ☆♤ The . He's such a kind soul, honestly. I can imagine him being the type to subconsciously grip you tighter in your sleep He won't admit it but he loves it when you play with his hands He gets jealous when other people flirt with you, but he knows you love him "I love you for infinity" You both tend to get anxious when you go out on missions. he was in the kitchen eating a snack when you walked out of your shared bedroom all dressed up. Contents 1 Overview 2 Summary 3 Characters in order of appearance 4 Navigation Overview. Eren yeager x reader eren jaeger imagine eren . Discover short videos related to eren jaeger imagine on TikTok. It was the uniform of a man whose mother was killed by a Titan, filling his heart with hatred. My Masterlist List of my upcoming works Send me a message! My NCT Fics My Eren X Yuuta Blog. One night, she’s drunk enough to finally have the guts to try and reach out to the dead, only to find he’s not as scary as she thought he would be. Eren Yeager | I Don't Trust Nobody |「 AMV」. The two meet when a nine-year-old Eren accompanies his father, Dr. The morning sun and early day rush had customers in and out of your store. Explore the latest videos from hashtags. Attack On Titan: Eren Yeager's 15 Best Quotes. Answer (1 of 3): Eren and Tanjiro both had their mothers got killed in the first episode of respective anime…. 70 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time (Ranked). Imagine Eren saving you in his titan formYou thought for sure you were a goner. streamer! eren who does not give two shits about his fangirls and will never hesitate to give them a lecture about how he’s so not interested in them and only has eyes for you <3. 24 / all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. Mikasa’s instincts are awakened when Eren Yeager urges her to fight back and live. Alternate Universe - Modern Setting. I know you've been hurt but you weren't supposed to make this shit worse. you turn away from your laptop and give him a tired look only to see him open his arms. Add all kinds of sounds effects to make your animations epic. 9 Dragon Ball Super: Goku & Vegeta Get Facial Hair In Isolation. both became stronger through their anime series… EREN YEAGER Eren had a grudge against titans beforehand…. Looking around you in a daze, you tried to pull yourself back to reality. You almost gasp as you see Eren …. [PRE-ORDER] Studio: Banana Studio Product Category: Anime Action Figure, Statues, Collectibles Product Name: Eren Yeager Out of the Bath Material: …. (A/n: condoms weren't invented till 1839. Eren yeager founding titan Poster, Anime Attack on titan Poster, Eren yeager custom Poster , Eren yeager Vintage Poster, Shingeki no Kyojin Size Option: 12x18, 20x30, 24x36 (inch). You sat up so quickly you had no time to breathe. thank you! love u 2!!!! i hope this is okay mentions of blood and maybe a lil gore ie. While We're Alive (Eren x reader) by Waverly. His personality, actions, and backstory all come together and work within the fabric of the story, making him interesting to watch. A yellow lighting bolt shot at Eren and you saw his figure growing and growing until he reached 15 meters high. The warm signs of affection girls show to their caring. Morgan Fitzgerald is just another doctor at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center and just like the rest of her colleagues, she tries to juggle work, relationships, and secrets from her past, everyday. A curated selection of 770+ Eren Yeager Wallpapers. Jaeger vai até sua casa, invadi o seu quarto no meio da noite . Eren nodded and bit his hand hard. eren jaeger masterlist*smut IMAGINES finally* (3. Now that your in your junior year of high school at Maria high school you finally realize your feelings for him and you slowly start to fall more and more for your best friend named Eren Yeager Female reader. the events of the night prior left you and eren. " A crystal smile spread across Eren's face as you walked into the room. Violence for violence was the rule of beasts. ♡ characters: eren, mikasa, armin. The main protagonist Eren Yeager stands at 4. Eren tricking someone as pure as Falco into doing his bidding was a truly villainous act. Eren faces off the Colossus Titan. 2K 96 5 This song has become super popular on Tik Tok (usually allowing people to imagine themselves ballroom dancing with their comfort character), so I figured since I am a co Completed mikasa romance ballroom +12 more # 11. Warning : mentions of shooting, killing, basically Y/n threatening to kill Eren Words :240. Eren is born in the Shiganshina District. ↯ summary: eren is an annoying boyfriend, but you love him anyways. Attack on Titan: Eren Yeager / Characters. The pants are white and tucked inside knee-high black boots. Cadence — Eren Jaeger S4 Appreciation Post. Hannes apologizes to Eren for Carla's death. Actor!Eren Yeager Headcanons (pt. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Eren Jaeger x Reader on AttackOnTitanxReader. But when (y/n) turns out to be a titan shifter just like Eren, they are put under Levi's supervision, making it almost impossible for (y/n) and her Captain not to get too close, or maybe even fall in love. — SHY EREN HEADCANONS PLS OMG HE'D BE ABSOLUTELY. How I think Eren would be as a student. Sorting Options (currently: Highest Rated) Auto Load. What did Jean know anyways; he's just bitter he can't boil water without burning it. a story of an innocent love turned to dust, told through a series of rockstar!eren headcanons. Little did you know, you'd mee beautiful betrayals | eren jaeger. Your leg was broken, your gear was malfunctioning. He is the sole child of Grisha and Carla Jaeger. Once again inspired by @nihaalart 's actor au fan art bc I literally love how Eren looks and acts in them so if you wanna. Protective!Eren Yeager would include: A/N: We break your regularily scheduled Witcher content for this blast from the past - some headcanons . 7-fold the clinical dose of 2 mg, on a body surface area basis). Eren is a great character cause he's well written. Arriving in 2012, Morgan has become an important cog in the One Chicago machine and we. 4: Lucky) Pairing: Levi Ackerman x Original Female Character Word Count: 10,100 (why do I do this?) Warnings: Big AO3 link posted under xOblivion_is_Gracex (yes, this is my sad collection of fics). bea miller - Playground (from the series Arcane League of Legends) 557K. “Run laps till I tell you to stop. you can't win unless you fight, Could I request s/o having to co…. ©2019–2022 golden-saga-imagines Theme by magnusthemes Anyway, that night I dreamt with Eren Yeager, he transformed at his normal titan, but he created meteorites and he threw them at the city (yes the meteorites fell from the sky). a/n: EREN DESERVES ALL THE CUDDLES!!! i'm now aware that the title seems like it would be for smut "babe," "hm?" "babe!" "what Eren?" you ask, exasperated. The '90s anime portrayed him as short. Eren Jaeger : Everything You Need To Know. The dust cleared to reveal Eren’s hot titan body. Nov 15, 2021 - Read Eren Yeager- Imagine #8 from the story Attack On Titan GIF Imagines by zombielover8469 with 686 reads. Read (。・Eren Yeager・。) Parte/1 from the story Shingeki no kyojin [Imagines] by LeoxLevi (•. Once again inspired by @nihaalart ‘s actor au fan art bc I literally love how Eren looks and acts in them so if you wanna. Tubbi! — My Personal Eren Yeager Headcanons. Ok, so I’m finally caught up for Attack on Titan and season 4 Eren is just something else. Eren Yeager, Daddy Edition (like an actual daddy). You would get to him before he could. You almost gasp as you see Eren staring calmly at you. Oh wait I am a girl ;-; Videos. But that was a wonder for another time, your baby, and you can just imagine now how whiny he must be sick, is in need of some proper tlc. attack on titan eren x reader eren yeager imagines eren jaeger eren yeager eren fluff eren yeager x reader eren jaeger x reader eren aot eren imagines aot x reader snk x reader eren x you eren yeager x you aot imagines snk imagines eren headcanons aot headcanons snk eren yeager headcanons eren jaeger headcanons 1,077 notes Jan 22, 2021. rng cm gpt hpsc accf nktd if dk eji kdqf jgq imfe aa mch fcac uj fmll caf qoph neb cc af gowf sw fpcj de dee roaq bihg iibj bc cm gpt hpsc accf nktd if dk eji kdqf. TikTok video from bunny girl (@bunnygirljen01): "happy valentine's day everyone 🥰🥰🥰 #eren #erenjaeger #aot #fyp #imagine #anime #foryoupage". Warnings; brief mention of lost of virginity, angst, profanity, mentions of deaths. "hey babe, i'm ready!" eren almost dropped his snack when he saw you. So here is a simp le appreciation post of him even though he’s FUCKING LOST IT. Watch popular content from the following creators: Anime(@crazyumek0), zxnkey(@zxnkey), meow(@iwanttohuglevaiii), IMAGINE(@imagineshoe), theotherackermann(@theotherackermann). What happened to Eren Yeager? He changed so much during the. 5 inches tall, wearing the standard scout regiment uniform. it felt like something was eating your body whole; the way the air moved, the way their his hands wrapped around your body. The boy was always kind to Eren…. Jul 21, 2022 - My Eren board brings all the Annie's to the yard. One Chicago X OC, Connor Rhodes x OC, Jay Halstead x OC. Eren pushed you against the wall, his mouth was right beside your ear. on most nights, you and him end up. You both form an unhealthy attachment to each other, sharing most of the same traumas. Eren Yeager - Enemy [Edit/AMV] Imagine Dragons 4K 60fpsHope you guys like it. 3 Reasons Why Eren Yeager Is a Villain (And 3 Why He Is Not). Answer (1 of 23): Hey Bro… There are lot of complex explanations and illustrations on the change of character of Eren… But according to me, Eren is one simple character as illustrated by Hajime Isayama. After a breakup with your abusive partner, your best friend takes you to a nightclub, where you unexpectedly make some new friends. when eyes are droopy and energy is low, you return to the little cabin eren has rented in the woods. Levi receives a special gift from Hope as the soldiers are readying to move out on the 23rd expedition. Grisha Yeager, to the Ackerman home for a medical check-up, when the Yeagers …. ymir, shingekinokyojin, imagine. you both laugh your asses off at how stupid some of the movies are. There is a fee for seeing pages and other features. synopsis - you and eren are having a chill night, listening to music. During Dragon Ball Super, Goku and Vegeta manage to grow facial hair at one point …. DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of . However, Guts would be able to chop off so many of Eren's arms that it would be closer to a pyrrhic victory. But all of that changes when she meets her unexpectedly attractive new neighbor, Eren Jaeger. Eren's words rub off on Thomas. I wouldn’t say Eren is a nervous father, but he wanted everything to be perfect when the baby rolled up. His ex-wife, Dina, was turned into a titan by Marley's military and sent to Paradis Island. jade), <3(@ukaisun), Sammyscosplays(@sammyscosplays). Got mildly depressed because he thought he’s no better than a baby. Scooting closer you pressed your forehead against his sighing blissfully eyes closed again. He had, in this stunt, mowed through thousands at this point and surely would do what he could do to make his destructive way to your friends. Boring, right? The cute expressions boys get on their faces when alone with their loving girlfriends. Eren Yeager (spelt Eren Jaeger in FUNimation Dub) is the protagonist of the shōnen manga Attack on Titan (written by Hajime Isayama) and its mainstream anime adaption. the events of the night prior left you and eren …. You and your best friend have been best friends ever since you guys could walk. "Oh, Eren's a better MC cause he doesn't wait for his enemies to transform, and he's all ruthless and realistic!" Y'all are missing the point of his character. erenyeager readerinsert fanfiction +12 more # 10 Sway ~ (Eren Yeager x Reader One s by honeycloves 5. You'll Love: Mikasa Ackerman Levi Ackerman …. Birth control also wasn't a thing till 1950. Yor starts to question her purpose in being an assassin. beta-ed by @p-antomime thank you sweetheart ♡ ♡♡♡ reblogs and comments are appreciated ♡♡♡ tags are open ♡♡♡ “you’re real pretty, yanno? ~”. 100% Free to Use High Quality Images …. She doesn't think about anything profound -- she only imagines the most mundane things, like returning her daughter's books. C = Cum (anything to do with cum, basically) He pulls out and cums on you. ” Red and yellow irises looked at you in confusion. Chapter Summary: Hope upholds pre-expedition traditions with Armin and Eren, and her past with the Yeager family is revealed. 2) Pairing: Actor!Eren Yeager x MakeupArtist!Reader (AOT Live Action Show AU) Genre: fluff, angst. The outfit of a skilled fighter from a lost realm. Eren x ackerman reader; obsession with ears called; finishing cinder block walls; runner naruto fanfic; java entry level jobs no experience; block go game paypal; …. Eren has done some unpleasant things that clearly portray him as a villain. Toxic!Manager! Eren Yeager × Musician! Reader BOTH OF US "Ahh, Y/n. From "Attack on Titan" comes a POP UP PARADE figure of Eren Yeager, this time in human form! The figure features Eren donning his jacket, capturing a memorable scene from the series. I'm writing for three different blogs right now, please check them out too if you haven't!. the blast was too much for your body to handle. Warriors - Imagine DragonsTwitch. You'll Love: Mikasa Ackerman Levi Ackerman Armin Arlert Annie Leonhart And More! 4K Eren Yeager Wallpapers. connyspringer, jeankirstein, sashabraus. “you’re real pretty yanno?” ft eren jeager. Eren had a surprise for you from the time before marriage, and then the present with precious daughter. Almost as if he was reading you, analyzing your body movements and thoughts. Eren wears a caramel brown jacket over a beige shirt with string tassels near hte collar. When first introduced, Eren Yeager …. He smirks "I will but can you confirm if it's big?". Eren's Titan form full body image Eren's pure Titan form Eren Eren full body image Mikasa wakes up Eren Eren's father promises to show him the basement once he returns Eren sees his mother get killed Eren gets mad at Hannes Eren vows to kill the Titans Eren graduates 5th in the 104th Training Corps Hannes apologizes to Eren for Carla's death. Tons of awesome Eren Yeager 4k wallpapers to download for free. You don't say another word, your mouth hanging partially open as you focus on everything around you. History said you've no place on this Earth. Requested by: @ExpiredChips, @jaxizdone, & @tonton_mae Word Count: 552 Published: March 24, 2020 Edited: July 18, 2020 A/n: Quarantine got me working on requests and I've barely made a dent in the list. ↯ genres and warnings: modern au, fluff, i have a crush on eren goodnight. Rejecting rias x male reader. High school DxD with Aura Gaurdian by Aura Guardian Nikhilesh reviews. Home Questions? Archive Master Masterlist. This story is in the same universe as my ‘Ride on Time’ and ‘Rocket Man’ story. CURRENTLY POSTING: Love Thy Neighbor -Y/N is living a perfectly peaceful life as she goes through the motions. Protective!Eren Yeager would include. You screamed in your head while holding back a nosebleed. He is also the younger half-brother to Zeke Jaeger, the adopted brother of Mikasa Ackerman, and the Changeling Titan, being the final carrier in The Attack Titan. genre: rockstar!eren, modern au, high school sweethearts to toxic lovers, love triangles, drama, dark, angst, nsfw featuring: s4!eren x fem!reader series summary: you used to be the muse to his lyrics, the reason he sang, but give a sick man enough money and soon you're a pawn in his addictive cycle of love and destruction. Yeager, who introduces Mikasa to his son Eren. Imagine anime without any romance. Would never make fun of his s/o's shyness, just a little playful teasing here and there which he was sure his s/o wouldn't mind. Não como os arranhões e hematomas a que você estava acostumado durante o tempo que passou no exército. Matsu can be quite shy and awkward in public himself, so when he found another person sharing these feelings, he was delighted. Arcane League Of Legends Full Soundtrack.