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Hk P7 ValueThe original HKP7 model is of overall length of 6. Heckler& Koch P7 Pistols All Models Factory Original Owners Manual 28 pages. Designed by Tanio Kobayashi, the MGC P7 series replicate the functioning squeeze cocker and gorgeous lines of the real pistols, while the magazine has oft …. 0 Content-Type: multipart/related; boundary="----=_NextPart_01C85E8B. HK Army Replacement Parts Kit - Master (116070101) - SABR HK …. The HK P7M8 is the P7's counterpart with a larger trigger guard, lengthened trigger, heat shield, thumb operated magazine release, larger rear sight dovetail, protruding firing pin bushing, and lanyard ring. 11 posts 1; 2; Next; HK P7 HK P7…. Both a duty sized handgun that can work for duty or concealed carry so we're comparing the HK VP9 vs Glock 17 so you can decide what's best. 4 percent last year, with a total of 2,521,525 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce vehicles …. In the current market, I think your P7 is worth between $1200 - $1400. It certainly looks unfired and new in box. The extractor is only used to clear the pistol administratively, and assists to guide the empty case out for more consistent EJECTION. us> Subject: Exported From Confluence …. Manual page links corrected, new 2007 P7 Manual added. The barrel would fit with now problem. PLEASE SUPPORT MAC ON PATREON (we are viewer supported): http://www. ” The P7 has the extra cost of being out of production. Owing to disrupted fuel supply in its gas-fired power plants due to the depleting state of the Malampaya gas field, the recurring net income of First Gen Corporation in the first half decelerated by 13 percent to P6. Sponsors Panel If you intend to buy something from the companies …. The Heckler and Koch P7 series of pistols has attained an almost. Instead, there was a spring-loaded, sheet metal cocking lever that served as the front strap of the grip. between the two is in the location of the mag release, the P7 is the push button just below the back of the slide, the PSP has it in the heel, which is still quite slick from the reports, you squeeze down and forward, and with a pinching motio, take out the magazine. It was designed by Helmut Weldle, went into production in 1979, and was replaced by the far-superior HK VP9. Listed In: Handguns; Add Listing To Favorites Login to see listing price CONTACT SELLER. The weapon was designed to engage enemy troops and strongpoints out to a distance of 350 m; it can also be used to deploy smoke grenades and illumination flares. Kahr CM40 Holsters; Value Package 2; Value Package 3; Shop by Brand. With box and tools, 2 mags, I'd guess …. HK magazines are designed to provide optimal ammunition feeding for Heckler and Koch firearms. 9mm luger heckler & koch / h&k hk 1983 p7 psp - very clean with box and papers other barrel length" beaverton, or 97078: used: 7/3/2022: 9mm luger heckler & koch / h&k early 1982 p7 psp 9mm *original box wood grips* 326 4 inch " barrel atwater, oh 44201: used: 6/27/2022: 9mm luger heckler & koch / h&k rarest of the rare p7 psp shooter edc holy. expect to pay to buy a coin from a reputable dealer. Today a H&k P7 will cost you an average of $3207. Joined Feb 15, 2010 · 504 Posts Jan 3, 2019 - Reduced slide length and grip height enable easy concealment and carry law enforcement and military users provided the design criteria for the USP The controls are uniquely American, influenced by such famous designs as the Government Model 1911 pistol The modular design of the USP's internal HK …. Caliber Info: 9MM LUGER (9X19 PARA) Condition: Used - Certified. From: Subject: =?iso-2022-jp?B?GyRCRnM8ITg1TiIhdyRVJD8kUBsoQg==?= Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 01:54:41 +0900 MIME-Version: 1. Includes two 8-round magazines Price $2000. 6x30 submachine gun (MP7A1) is a submachine gun in Escape from Tarkov. The MP7 handles like a pistol yet allows targets to be engaged like a rifle. 9MM LUGER HECKLER & KOCH / H&K ULTRA RARE P7M13 FACTORY NICKEL HOLY GRAIL COLLECTOR Hillsville, PA 16132: New Old Stock: 6/20/2022: 9MM LUGER HK P7M13 HARD CHROME Chicago, GA: New: 4/23/2022: 9MM LUGER HECKLER & KOCH USA HK. 99; Notify Me When Available; Brand: HK; Item Number: USP 9 G; HK 45C 45 ACP Police Trade-in Pistol $549. PSP Track is only slightly more encouraging. 62x51mm G3 Houston 8/9/22 Brand New HK MR223A3 14. 0DBC4300" This document is a Single File Web Page, …. Comes with extended slide release off newer HK45 The collectable HK P7 with its squeeze cocking device is still a gun to lust after even though they are polymer pistols 45 ACP version of the USP has a slightly longer barrel and a slightly taller grip than the 9mm and 00 worth …. Uncover hidden value across the full technology lifecycle. Description: The Heckler & Koch MP7A1 is smaller than a conventional submachine gun, compact and lightweight it serves as a personal defense weapon that can be carried like a handgun yet is capable of rifle-like effectiveness. Create New Wish List; Facebook; Email. Convert the HK-94 or other semi-automatic clone of the HK MP5 submachine gun to full-auto. HK) including business summary, industry/sector information, number of employees, business summary, …. But even a pretty good copy is still just a copy. Finish is matte blue or nickel, with stippled black plastic grips. Reviews The HK P30 spring Airsoft gun with a metal slide is an authentic HK replica HK P30 Services - Slide Milling, Refinishing, etc H&K P30 Pistols …. 5 reasons your business should enable accounts payable automation. Each offering is the second generation Mp5A3 Navy style version with the polymer backplate and lever. Due to its short height above the trigger, the P7 …. The 12 month average price is $4,434. How much is fair and how much is too much? I will pay $800 ish for a decent one. 00 – not a bad price for a P7 M13. The new pistol dispensed with a manual safety, decocking lever and external slide release. To facilitate computations, below are present value factors: Present value of P1 at 12% for seven years is 0. The Heckler & Koch P7 - The HK P7 Is a Most Unique Modern Pistol. The ventricle-popping price of the pistols overshadowed all the good points of the guns (which have always had a reputation for reliability and durability) and kept them out of the hands of most police departments and regular joes. Polygonal barrels were one of the many radical design elements used on the HK P7 series pistol and this same breakthrough technology is present on all current HK …. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. HK USP Compact 45 Threaded Barrel 45 ACP 4 Unfortunately, HK chose to manufacture the dust cover integral …. Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2022 06:55:04 -0700 (PDT) Message-ID: 1514855236. It is a HK P7 8 round magazine, with the plastic HK factory box with it also. [email protected]> Subject: Exported From Confluence MIME-Version: 1. Poor understanding of the task in question or purpose of Due Diligence. Heckler & Koch MP5 is well known to be a reliable weapon platform and utilized by many Military and Police agency's. the VP70, for HK — the semi-auto 9mm used a “squeeze-cocker” on the front of the grip, a concept he had recycled from an earlier . A subreddit for all things H&K and H&K clones. A7ED4A50" This document is a Single File Web Page, …. 125, 1 WHEEL AK 47/74 Parts Universal LEM kit (Fits HK45, HK45T, HK45C, HK45CT, and all USP full size) 139: 241594: 642230244375: HK45 Series ambidextrous safety lever kit: 59: 226351: 642230253827: HK45 Tactical threaded barrel, 5 com : Romanian PSL 54C 7 With it's true carbon fiber frame, hard alloy head and tail plus numerous upgrade components, the HK …. As far as prices HK Factory Fresh Production Non LE/Mil Marked UMP 45 ACP 25 Round Magazines New HK German UMP Add speed and precision to your self-defense, law enforcement, military, competition, or target pistol with an RMR ® —or with an upgrade to your stock iron sights Adjustable laser, battery door, master kill switch After four years of development the HK …. These holsters allow your H&K P7 to be drawn faster and grant you a more comfortable style of wearing that doesn't require a gun to be pushed against your body. release and the small trigger guard. Hit the magazine release and the Overall, the VP9 is a handgun well worth its price. This Brochure Covers The Following Pistols ; P7 M8 , P7 M13 , P7 K3 , & P7. 0 Content-Type: multipart/related; boundary="----=_NextPart_01C8B5CB. From wind turbines and solar panels to the world’s smartest all-electric tractor, Parker is partnering with customers to protect the environment and help improve the lives of people everywhere. the ransomware hack of their Thai and HK …. The Brochure was printed in Germany, and is in English text. As they say, a photo is worth …. SPECIAL: Threaded Barrel Model with Tri Lug. Nothing is faster getting back into the fight than a P7…. According to the an American HK engineer, the mass of the slide is capable of handling a 40 cal round. Best floorstanding speakers 2022: budget to premium. An Xpeng P7 electric car is seen outside the New York Stock Exchange to mark its listing on August 27, 2020. Comes with box and extra magazine. Actual range depends on driving style, speed, car occupants, vehicle load, outdoor temperature, terrain conditions, etc. Return Policy: 3 day inspection and return policy on used guns. Contamination control for machinery and …. It also addressed the heat issue around the trigger guard by adding a polymer shield. Market value appears to be between $900 and $1000 + shipping. HECKLER & KOCH HK P7 ARMORERS SPRING KIT WITH PLASTIC CASE. HK Used-H&K P7 M8 for sale from Hoosier Armory. 115]> Subject: Exported From Confluence …. 22LR Pistol- 81000403 Heckler & Koch. The P7 is the main pistol style, like "1911" The models are P7PSP, P7M8, and P7M13 (13 round double stack). Derived from the PSP, Heckler and Koch designated this particular HK P7 M8 series as an M8 – carrying a total of 8 9x19mm Parabellum cartridges in a single stack magazine. SuHu I've been watching GB, but the sellers seem to think their B and C grade PSP's are worth …. I've googled around and there are multiple posts saying that the HK factory never issued a chrome plated P7 and that an importer had the hard chrome finish …. The market will tell you but I have seen them priced at $2000 and above. HK PS CSD/SSS CC FMI type P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 P8 P9 P10 P11 P12 P13 P14 P15 P16 P17 P18 P19 P20 P21 P22 P23 P24 TR PS P11: Central securities depositories; P12: Excha nge-of-value …. Has heat-shield finger guard, ambidextrous safety, 4-in. Chesterfield,, NH: New Old Stock: 3/27/2022: 9MM LUGER HECKLER & KOCH / H&K 1996 HK P7M13 9MM, COMPLETE MINT 4 INCH " BARREL Scottsdale, AZ 85251: Used: 9/27/2021: 9MM LUGER HECKLER & KOCH / H&K HOLY GRAIL 1992 P7M13 *ONE YEAR FACTORY NICKEL* UNFIRED KC! 4 INCH " BARREL Atwater, OH 44201: New Old Stock. This pistol is in excellent condition and comes with 2 factory magazines. Sponsors Panel If you intend to buy something from the companies advertising above, or near the bottom of our pages, please use their banners in our sites. If nothing happens you have a unique limited edition rifle that will only appreciate in value due to the HK marking. Date: Wed, 11 May 2022 16:33:52 +0200 (CEST) Message-ID: 1691412194. The pistol does not have a date code but has an NDS stamp which is a Lower Saxony Police Service. 00: 8/9/22 Hk P30S V3 9mm, DA/SA, $850. Any ideas what this is worth? I can't find any like it on gunbroker. See Your Sights in any Light! R3D and OEM front sights for HK and feature a tritium front sight that comes equipped with our proprietary photoluminescent orange or yellow Glow Dot, which absorbs ambient light and glows in low light. For sale is an HK P7 semi-automatic pistol in 9mm. Anyone know 9mm P7 family parts compatability difference…. Valid for bookings made via Klook's website and mobile app using promo code “LUCKYHK280” upon checkout. It comes in the box with two mags. 0 Content-Type: multipart/related; boundary="----=_NextPart_01C67E6B. Shop now and get Free Value Shipping on most orders over $49 to the contiguous 48 states, DC and to all U. H&K P30 9mm & 40 S&W A recent HK pistol design, the P30 is a modern police and security pistol that combines function and safety Experience gained by HK …. The P7 is a German 9mm semi-automatic pistol designed by Helmut Weldle and produced by Heckler & Koch GmbH (H&K) of Oberndorf am Neckar. And a bit more for an excellent one. ) Pistol P7M13 (Figure 1) is a recoil ‘operated semiautomatic handgun designed for ambidextrous single hand …. 17609 from: "Saved by Internet Explorer 11" …. HK did, in fact, make a factory P7 version — the P7M13SD — for German special forces with an extended and threaded barrel plus a suppressor. 7k members in the HecklerKoch community. Adnl mags for either add to that . Heckler & Koch HK H&K P7M8 P7. It makes and sells SUVs under the G3 name, sports sedans under the P7 …. Login to see listing price Ft. Heckler & Koch GmbH (abreviada H&K o HK) es una empresa alemana dedicada a la fabricación de pistolas, fusiles de asalto, ametralladoras y lanzagranadas. See the company profile for XPeng Inc. If anyone has an idea what these are selling for right now, please let me know. Heckler & Koch's New P7M10; Is It The 'Ultimate'. PSP stands for P olice S elf-loading P istol. For Sale: Rare HK P7 M13 New in Box 99%. Sort by Price: Low; High; Filter Department; Firearms; Used Gun Collection; Brands; HK Caliber; 40 S&W HK USP 9mm Police Trade-In Pistol (Good Condition) $469. Each 50 round magazine fits the HK 416. The Heckler & Koch P7, which initially fell under the company's PSP Those in top shape can command at least double that price. HK P2000SK Holsters; HK P30 SK Holsters; HK VP40 Holsters; HK VP9 Holsters; HK VP9sk Holsters; Honor Defense. They are dated from 1985, 1991 and 1992 and includes some of the HK firearms on sale back then. March 17, 2016, 02:15 AM #14: stephen426. ZD“ !¼· 1¿"ð(ÁW€yÂŒe"Ãçš8Ã+“¢Â~ ÁÎ5 Ac¨ CoHÙCÉX!D ÖC EÙB|?Ò@— w½’ !¼Ô L¿K ŽÁê¢ ÃAd Ä #€ÄuÂñÃY´òAqå¢CY ÀD»ýGEÎ E. #!/usr/bin/env python # # Hi There! # # You may be wondering what this giant blob of binary data here is, you might # even be worried that we're up to …. there are many great brands, but H&K is unique in they really go up in value. IMO and based on surfing the web, $1400 might be a starting price for a NEW P7, but it's above market for a used one. Price: Low to High; Price: High to Low; Rating; Showing 1-32 of 96 items. The back of the breach of the slide could be milled out 1mm. Browse the ARCHIVES! Newsletter Signup. This is an original 54 page factory HK manual for the HK …. The Heckler & Koch HK41 is a semi-automatic version of the Heckler & Koch G3 battle rifle; it was produced by Heckler & Koch for the civilian market in the 1960s. 22 LR Rifle- 81000468 Heckler & Koch. 4 GHz wireless audio designed for …. HK partnered with Umarex of Germany to bring you the best, most realistic HK rimfire available. The HK69A1 is a 40 mm grenade launcher developed and produced by the German arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch (H&K). Buy Hk P7 rare comes with box manual 4 hk mags!: GunBroker is the largest seller of Semi Auto Pistols Pistols Guns & Firearms All: 943108681 Unit Price. 00: TRADE or SELL - Shadow Systems MR920 Elite FDE Lake Worth HK …. HK P7K3 Dimensions: Overall Length: 6. In today’s comparison, HK VP9 vs Glock 19 Price/Value. This will be sure to add to the resale value of your weapon having a complete set. Bluebook of Gun Values (32nd Edition) indicates between $1875 in 95% condition and $2500 in 100% condition for this gun. HK P7, As New, Collector Grade, Boxed w/ 2 Mags. The value of the shares of Corin (P11 million) and the net assets of Coal (P7. This is an early HK P7 was made in 1981. Made in the USA by BDM exclusively for HKPARTS. We discover, design and develop advanced information technology, and translate that into value for our clients through consulting services. An excellent condition, like new P7 …. Item Description: Very nice condition HK P7 M13 for sale very low round count. Learn pricing and values for these Heckler & Koch firearms: Heckler & Koch Model 91 A2. Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2022 15:48:56 +0200 (CEST) Message-ID: 483361757. Login to see listing price For Sale. tr/haber/turkiye/1123007/Turkiye_Kasikci_cinayetiyle_ilgili_harekete_gecti__iadeleri_istendi. Buy HK P7 M8 Chantilly 9mm 7 MAGS! EXCELLENT Condition w/ docs/accessories: GunBroker is the largest seller of Semi Auto Pistols Pistols Guns & Firearms All: 941767286 release, fixed 3-dot sighting system, stippled black plastic grips, black phoshate finish, includes 7 mags total (mag value is <$150/ea), includes orignal HK case with. Since you have the box and the condition is at least excellent, it should very easily fall in the top half . Jun 2019 - Apr 20211 year 11 months. 33 / round) Federal 9mm 115 gr FMJ Range Target Practice 50/Box $16. Regardless, the fixed barrel means no booster device necessary and no increased wear or other reliability issues with moving barrel locking mechanisms. Guaranteed compatibility when you use our tools and purchase from Crucial…. The largest free Canadian new and used …. HK P30L For Sale, Review, Price. BlackHawk T-Series L2C Holster, H&K VP9/40, Right Hand, Black, 410779BKR — Color: Black, Gun Make: Heckler & …. websites, and asking price for online sales by reputable coin dealers. 6 billion ($128 million) from a rosier financial outcome of P7…. And now there is finally an authentic sporting version of the MP5 in the US, and it’s a real HK…. I was talking with a friend today and he mentioned having a P7 that he was curious about the value of. The P7 was in production for nearly 30 years (1979-2008), so it had a relatively long life. 1 product rating - Heckler Koch HK P7 Gas Cylinder Cleaning Brush P7M8 P7M13 P7M10 HK Part # 222269. Heckler & Koch HK94 HK 94 original factory Red Manual c. HECKLER & KOCH P7 M8 :: Gun Values by Gun Digest. Heckler & Koch P7 (PSP) Pistol in 9x19. This is a ProMag STEEL8-round magazine for Heckler & Koch P7 M8 pistols in 9mm. Tesla rival Xpeng prices Hong Kong IPO at HK$165 per share. This handgun features one 7-round magazine and the original case with the manual. [email protected]> Subject: Exported From Confluence MIME-Version: 1. iwa— ƒ;ð‡ c* Î ‚ ¹Ù ƒ € ƒ \ " de_DE: J de_DEP de" € * Î 2 ‚ @J)User/4E7D7FE9-0742-4CF8-AC63-57DF286EB7DDb ¹Ù ‚ Ù …. Army as a duty pistol to replace their M1911 but lost to the almighty Beretta M9. The HK P7 and Glock 19 (G19) were created for different purposes. I recall an HK representative firing a P7 …. [email protected]> Subject: Exported From …. According to the following front, top and side views of a solid, choose the corresponding 3-D object. Home Page of City University Personal Web. This pistol is in great condition and comes with (2) factory 8-round magazines (one is blued and the other is Hard Chrome or nickel). P7M13 with 2 factory mags, in excellent conditions, shipping will be $35. 308 Win 10 Round Magazine Black. Delivery is free on orders over HK$ 600 anywhere in Hong Kong and Macao. HK P7 Hard Chrome – 9mm $ Add to cart; Rock Island M1911 A2-FS –. 14-Inches; Weight (Unloaded): ~1. ANZ - Australia and NZ APAC HK- Hong Kong ID - Indonesia IN - India JP - Japan KR - South Korea MY - Malaysia PH - Philippines SG - Singapore TH - …. Chinese electric carmaker Xpeng began shipping its flagship P7 sedan to Norway on Tuesday, its first international market. 00: Miscellaneous Gun Items for sale! Orlando $200. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. I found a used in semi decent condition one at my local Gander Mtn for under $500. The demand of new HECKLER KOCH P7M13 pistol's has risen 1 units over the past. 13" fixed barrel with polygon rifling, 8 shot mag, ambidextrous mag release, fixed 3-dot sighting system, stippled black plastic grips, black phoshate finish, includes 7 mags total (mag value is <$150/ea), includes. NOTE: Add $100 for night sights introduced in 1993. From a loaded pistol, say holstered or unheld, I would give the safety advantage to the HK P7…. The HK P7M8 was designed by Heckler and Koch. com/militaryarmsThe HK P7, P7M8 and P7M13 are the best 9mm handguns the company h. Reliable, the P7 was designed so that. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Heckler&Koch Hk P7 M13 grips made of walnut with logo and text made of brass at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Sellers declare the item's customs value …. Shop HK P7 M10 Parts And Accessories From Just $1. These are getting very hard to come by and values are steadily climbing. Nov 24, 2016 - Explore Aaron Wagner's board "32 acp" on Pinterest. The 12th Edition was the only one recent enough to have info on the HK P7 …. El Grupo Heckler & Koch alberga a Heckler & Koch GmbH, Heckler & Koch …. With its 7-inch barrel, the HK MP7A1 is capable of firing 10 …. Black Art to heal relationships within the Atlantic World. How much is a HK VP40 worth? In 2022 a new or used HK VP40 value varies depending on supply and demand. H&K P7 Family: Pistols for Gun Cognoscenti …. Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2022 16:49:23 -0500 (CDT) Message-ID: 1379510689. Billed as “the best combat pistol” on the market at the time, the P7 is no longer manufactured which has in turn lead its’ value …. Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2022 10:51:54 +0100 (CET) Message-ID: 562158818. The P30 is definitely a worthwhile purchase for any serious gun owner. As a carry gun, it is heavy, and mags are hard to find. Whatever you buy from them, using those banners, gives us a small commission, which helps us keep these sites alive. HOOSIER ARMORY, is a family business whose mission is to provide firearms and firearm accessories at a fair price, to promote the free exercise of our Second Amendment rights, to educate the community regarding the enjoyable, safe, and responsible. ProMag fits HK P7 M8 9mm 8-Round Blue Steel Magazine Opens in a new window or tab. "HECKLER & KOCH GMBH OBERNDORF/N MADE IN GERMANY. NB 吊天花掛牆架 最大承重68KG (建議32-57吋電視) 型號Code:T56015 [產品查詢及安裝前後事項,為保服務質素懇請各貴客前往我們的門市查詢!. In July 1, 2008, Kroger sold a building with a book value of P300,000 to Food Lion for P375,000. Caliber: 9mm Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: Looking to sell an HK P7 …. Those who carry it will be suitably armed for the broadest range of operations. Heckler & Koch HK P7 M13 9mm SN: 71605. 00 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of. This is an 8-shot newer version of "Squeeze Cocker". 1911s are all that I have shot (and wanted to shoot) for years (2 LBs, 1 SA, and a GSG). This pistol bases its design on their hammer- fired P30 but has some major divergences. See what’s next in science and technology from the IBM …. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. Founded in the aftermath of World War II, originally using dismantled machinery to produce parts for bicycles and sewing machines, Heckler & Koch came into their own in 1956, when they responded to the West German government's need for a new service rifle with their G3. Runner-up for best overall HK …. Be ready to fire with full and compact sized trigger conversion kits. The HK P7 is one of those handguns that most shooters either love or hate IMHO. Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2022 02:39:50 +0200 (CEST) Message-ID: 317022870. Why are HK P7 so expensive? The Glock (well a lot of others do to) say basically the same about the gun currently in the H&K production line up. Hk 45 USP NEW 3mag Night Sights extra light trig Houston $900. The average price as of that date was $1633. I was going to wait a few weeks and then offer a more reasonable price. Parts are available to the public for self installation, but can also be installed by our highly trained gunsmiths. This is the correct magazine for HK P7 PSP pistols with …. Capacity of up to 15 + 1 rounds. Gun Review: H&K P7 Pistol - The Truth About Guns. Full Results Here : LETHAL SOLD AT HK$1,320,000 26. Sold Eagle Industries SAS MKVI Leg Drop Holster Mag Pouch HK P7 M13 M8 Heckle. com is Australia's premier online shopping destination, offering amazing deals on TVs, tech, homewares, fitness, fashion, tools, outdoor and more!. HK P7 M13 “RARE” CLEAN 1993. This was posted on another forum, and after a beef between some of the users and the owner (no I was not involved) the new own. Outbound indirect flight with Allegiant Air, departs from Stewart International on Thu, 13 Oct, arriving in Dallas Fort Worth International. ARE YOU BORED OR NOT? EXHIBITION In Partnership with Poly Auction. For sale is an HK P7 NDS semi-automatic pistol in 9mm. A polygonal barrel will normally outlast a conventional “lands-and-grooves” barrel by thousands of rounds. p7 For Sale ; Magazine HK P7 M13 · 991567744 ; HK P7 9mm, 3 mags · 912961667 ; H&K P7 PSP MFG 1983 9MM W/Box · 937951040 ; HECKLER & KOCH HK P7M8 Grips – HK … 5 . In fact, it even commanded a high price in Germany when it was first released in the late 1970s. With a fixed cold hammer-forged barrel and polygonal rifling, the all-steel P7 was accurate while the 110-degree grip angle was billed as being …. At seven inches long, five inches tall, an inch and a quarter wide, and weighing almost two pounds, the P7M13 is a rare version of the P7 which some consider to be the penultimate of the series. In the last 12 months there is great demand for a HK VP40 and most handguns. Understand the applications of …. Company Profile & Executives. Login to see listing price For Sale/Trade. In 1957, Gordon Parker, a wealthy Englishman, commissioned Herbert Kingsbury, an engineer, to create the HK …. Personally, I think the heel-release PSP is a better carry choice and they are accelerating in value. Still, I can't say it is worth …. The cheapest I have seen it selling now in 2016 is at about $1200 used on sites like Gunbroker. HK's cold hammer-forged barrel made from cannon. 报价宝最新汽车优惠行情,只有开宝马车,才能享受到它那痛快淋漓的神奇风采。宝马汽车为德系三大豪华品牌之一,宝马的车系有1、2、3、4、5、6、7、i、x、z …. 452 Present value of an ordinary annuity of P1 at 12% for seven years is 4. This pistol is in excellent condition and comes with (2) factory 8 round magazines. The date code in the side is 5/71 (May 1971) I feel the need to address the issue of"OR BEST OFFER" I primarily sell mags at gun shows so I know the value …. Recently Sold HECKLER KOCH P7PSP pistol · $6,576. HK USP 9mm Police Trade-In Pistol (Good Condition) $469. RESOURCES FOR HECKLER & KOCH ENTHUSIASTS. From 1979 thru 2008, the P7 series was positioned by H&K as the finest, most reliable and most expensive — yes they actually used that tag line in advertisements — pistol available. A GREAT COLLECTORS AND INVESTMENT GUN. I have 238 recorded prices for this model gun from $475 to $2000 over a period of 7 Yrs 1 Mos ending October 15, 2010. The cheapest I have seen it selling now in 2016 is at about . Price Realized: Estimated Price: $1,500 - $2,000 . How much is a HK P30L worth? In 2022 a new or used HK P30L value varies depending on supply and demand. My understanding is a true Model PSP p7 …. Squeezing it cocks the gun and releasing it decocks the gun. Read the full Wharfedale Diamond 12. A small number of these HK-91 clones, which are functionally and aesthetically identical to the German-made rifles, were imported into America by Springfield Armory, Inc. According to 1996 report by the German Weapons Journal (Deutsches Waffen-Journal / DWJ), the P7 had caused various deaths in Lower Saxony in the 1990s due to incorrect operation/human error. Canadian Handguns: Pistols, Semi. HK91, G3, Receiver, Build Parts, Gunsmithing, Tools, Weld. HK P7 Long Slide – Record Sale Price? · Saw this pistol pop up on Gunbroker. 5 million) on January 1, 2019, were finally determined on November 30, 2019. The model KP7 inside the waistband holster is available for the HK pistol model P7PSP, the P7M8 and the P7M13. than in Europe and are valued at high. 0 Content-Type: multipart/related; boundary="----=_NextPart_01C86FE1. (or how to interpret HK's codes and other arcane details) Jump to date codes. Chesterfield,, NH: New Old Stock. Okay, so for any of you HK P7 experts, what's the approximate value? Last edited by agtman; March 16, 2016 at 09:58 PM. These standard-capacity magazines are built from heat-treated blued steel with chrome silicon internal springs, flat steel baseplates and wide-cut witness holes for at-a-glance ammo checks. Looking at what a value of a H&K P7 M13 is currently running? Thanks, It has the original box and magazine. The one gun that has stuck in the back of my mind, however, is the HK P7. After four years of development, Heckler & Koch has released the VP9, their new polymer-framed striker-fired 9mm. It is recommended that all parts be fit by a qualified gunsmith. However, after several normal-looking bids by users with A or A+ feedback ratings, several bids. Heckler Koch HK H&K P7m13 P7 M13 9mm Luger. txt : 20130521 0000950103-13-003158. Canon's activities lead to the removal of 956 listings from Amazon in Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, France and The Netherlands. 0 date: Thu, 11 Feb 2016 11:16:33 -0600 x-mimeole: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6. What is the real difference between a grade a and a grade b HK P7? finish and round count. We warranty functionality of all firearms. H&K VP9 9mm Luger Pistol - In development for more than four years, the VP9 is Heckler & Koch's latest handgun and the first striker fired HK since the renowned P7 series pistols were introduced in the 1980's. It certainly is different from any other auto pistol design out there. Heckler & Koch HK P7 chambered in 9mm. 1" Polymer Grip Blue Finish 13 Rd 3-Dot Sights - $698. 00 – not a bad price for a P7 …. 00 USD Estimated At: Imported by HK Inc. This pistol is outfitted with three-dot sights and a flipper-style ambidextrous magazine release and is ''KK'' proof-coded indicating it. com "[FONT=Arial,Helvetica] After the P7M8 came along, the earlier P7 …. Reliable, the P7 was designed so that an empty case would extract and This HK P7M8 is a Sterling, Virginia-marked import produced in . Did you win this item? A full invoice should be emailed to the winner by the auctioneer within a day or two. HK UMP STOCK, PIN & SLING COMBO: HK Winter Haven CETME Furniture & Mags HK G3 PTR Macclenny $40. Tags: g3, Heckler & Koch, HK p7, HK Sporting Arms Price List 1985, HK SR-9 308 Win Hunting Rifle, mke, PSG-1 Someone somewhere posted these old price lists from Heckler & Koch. In 2012 the P7 was being sold used for $900, that alone I would consider expensive. Ergonomic grip design that includes three …. But there are significant differences in how the guns are built and their manual of arms. [22] However, the P7 is also subject of criticism as well. This is possibly the best value high-performance dual tower air cooler on the market. Find Gun Values | Grading System | Login « Back. “Hey, they’re just polymer guns, why are they so expensive. Пистолет HK P7 M8 с однорядными коробчатыми магазинами емкостью 8 патронов. The The H&K; P7 version was made with gas-delayed blowback system that maintained great accuracy, but also required more frequent cleaning of the inner parts. The selling price is one of the more common aspects that deters people from actually wanting to purchase it. Hk P7 S And Dates Series For Finalization. The HK45 is $800-900 not because it's $800 worth …. From: Snapshot-Content-Location: http://www. The VP Series is Heckler & Koch's first striker-fired HK since the P7 series pistols introduced in the 1980s. In the 1970s, H&K went to work on the design of another pistol of entirely different design, but similar idiosyncrasy, which became the P7. For order values below HK$ 600, buyers can choose one of the following shipping …. Their poly pistols made since offer nothing to warrant their higher prices except HK's reputation largely built with prior pistol designs. The truth is, you can only get a real HK from HK. The P7m8 has a heat shield and an american style mag release, instead of a heel release. Great if you want to partner your turntable with a floorstander without breaking the bank. Those matching boxes make all the difference in the world. 99 Details The VP Series is Heckler & Koch's first striker-fired HK since the P7 …. Hk P7 PSP9mm, good condition condition, comes with striker cleaning brush, Two 9 round magazines, user manual and its factory hard case, …. Finding the Blue Book value of your new and used firearms, including pistols, rifles, shotguns, airguns, and blackpowder guns is easy with the number one source of gun pricing. That P7M8 was one of the sweetest guns I had ever handled. Sells a few thousand to a particular major U. rel (checkered) HK P7 GRIPS w/ protruding mag. This fantastic home learning topic about transition relates to the following parts of the curriculum: Literacy and English, Expressive Arts, Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, Health and Wellbeing and Social Studies. According to the auction listing, the first bid was made on the 4th of March 2021 at 12:00 AM eastern - presumably at the opening bid price of $2,150. Heckler & Koch VP40 Striker Fired 40 S&W 4. This popular Squeeze Cocker model P7 made in Germany. Tiene su sede en Oberndorf am Neckar, Baden-Württemberg, Alemania. ÿÿÿÿ Assembly-CSharp-firstpass SaveGameHeader m_saveName m_version m_gameMode m_scene m_cash m_kudos m_workbenchPCs …. Gun Review: Heckler and Koch P7M13. The P7 was even advertised unashamedly by HK as "the most expensive handgun in the world" at the time and some Polizei still use the gun even though it hasn't been produced in years. New in box with paperwork & 2 mags. Buy HK P7 M8 Chantilly 9mm 7 MAGS! EXCELLENT Condition w/ docs/accessories: GunBroker is the largest seller of Semi Auto Pistols Pistols Guns & Firearms All: 941767286 release, fixed 3-dot sighting system, stippled black plastic grips, black phoshate finish, includes 7 mags total (mag value is <$150/ea), includes orignal HK …. This promotion is valid from 13 January 2020 to 25 January 25 2020. Never ever have I seen a long slide squeeze cocker, so we had to . HK VP40 For Sale, Review, Price. 30165 Item is for: Sale or Trade Sale Price: 700 Trade Value or Items Looking For: Lever action rifle and or Ruger/ S&W revolver Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: Gently used, fun little gun. Current market value of one in your condition is about $1000. HK USP 45 Full Size For Sale. The Heckler & Koch P7 is a German 9×19mm semi-automatic pistol designed by Helmut Weldle and produced from 1979 to 2008 by Heckler & Koch GmbH (H&K). Radical Picasso : the use value of genius / Miller, C. The P7 barrel also has shallow chamber flutes, which uses the gas of the spent case to float it out of the chamber. For all your air, gas and steam filtration needs. By making these for civilian market in only small numbers, it kept the price value …. Individual Front & Rear Parts - HK VP9 OR Pistols. nç T !>ìÆ žì ª^ç j° WB Ò°ë =¡Eì ¶~¦a=³nëh´ø‡A²OiÆiyŸºGè=µé¶~T ÝuÕ—,#àt)9ìèo ˆ Uôyã dÉ btvà _[†­˜æôݸð íH ' o¢)¤–â. National Institutes of Health. Military Search Results for “ hk p7 ” — 207 products / 4,225 models — Page 1. Heckler & Koch still boasts their "No Compromise" philosophy today to bring the best weapons available to the market. What is the value of a HK P7 PSP? A grade B P7 can be purchased right now for about $600. And all VP series pistols are remarkably value priced. HK P7 M13 - Holsters, Mag Pouches (8) HK P7 M13 - Accessories (28) Home » Shop » HK Pistol Parts » HK P7 Variants » HK P7M13 - Parts & Accessories. Join Zebra Technologies in this webinar to discuss Innovating the Warehouse during these …. The price is going to depend on which one you want. HK P7 Value; John needs your help Please read this message. [email protected]> Subject: Exported From Confluence …. In the last 12 months there is great demand for a HK P30L and most semi-auto pistols. It has the European style Heel Mag. For the record, I have to say I disagree with Sundance’s position. Derived from the PSP, Heckler and Koch designated this particular HK P7 M8 series as an M8 - carrying a total of 8 9x19mm Parabellum cartridges in a single stack magazine. Parts related to the Heckler & Koch P7 pistol. A Practical Approach to Innovating in the Warehouse. The numerical values for the fits (tables as below) are valid for solid steel shafts and cast iron housings. Chambered to fire 45 ACP rounds. The VP Series integrates a striker firing system with an enhanced, HK "light pull" trigger. tr/haber/siyaset/1230229/Yunanistan_Basbakani_Aleksis_Cipras_tan_Turkiye_ziyareti_oncesi_aciklama. Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2022 12:44:12 +0100 (CET) Message-ID: 1976530901. Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2022 11:29:37 +0100 (BST) Message-ID: 872159272. Home; About GSC; HK P7 / P7M8 Front Sight - 6. The HK P7 M8 has a squeeze cocking mechanism that doesn't allow the firing pin to function unless the pistol grip is squeezed. Frontline Kydex Hlstr K40xx HK P7 Lft-Uniquely designed belt holster functions similar to a paddle holster, allowing the user to put on or take off. Just for an idea how expensive the P7 was, this ad from the '90s shows an HK USP going for $715 while a 9mm P7 costs $1,141 and the. Fort Worth, TX (April 15, 2020) – XS® Sights is pleased to now offer its popular DXT2® Big Dot® Night Sights for the Smith & Wesson® M&P®9 Shield™ EZ® and the HK® P7 M8, P7 M13 and P7 …. Since you asked for the value of your P7, I'll throw out my completely non-professional opinion. com> Subject: Exported From Confluence …. The HK416 is an assault rifle/carbine based on the AR-15 platform. There was nothing like it on the market. HK built its pistol reputation with the P4, P7 and P9s. The HK P7 is derived from the PSP, Heckler and Koch designated this particular P7 series as an M8 – carrying a total of 8 9x19mm Parabellum cartridges in a single stack magazine. Our selection of Heckler and Koch Gun Parts includes factory kits. Description: Heckler & Koch P7M13 Semi-Auto Pistol serial #76172, 9mm, 4 1/8'' barrel , made in Germany. 62x39 (HK clone) with extras Dallas 7/30/22 HK P30c - 40S&W Austin $600. In development for more than four years, the VP9 is Heckler & Koch’s latest handgun and the first striker fired HK since the renowned P7 …. Heckler & Koch GmbH (HK) is a German defense manufacturing company that manufactures handguns, rifles, submachine guns, and grenade …. Answer (1 of 11): The problem is that you have to distinguish between Sig USA and Sig Europe as they are essentially two different entities. Up for sale is an HK P7 semi-automatic pistol in 9mm. 00 lower than the 12-week average price. ' ) - )); - $this->getConfig()->setReplaceBrowseWithRemove(true); - $this->getConfig()->setWidth('32'); - $this->getConfig() …. Make Paddy Power your chosen betting online site and you’ll …. There is not much difference in the overall weight, height, length, and width of the P239 and P7. 40 S&W is the latest caliber addition to the HK pistol line. 博客园是一个面向开发者的知识分享社区。自创建以来,博客园一直致力并专注于为开发者打造一个纯净的技术交流社区,推动并帮助开发者通过互联网分 …. Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2022 11:37:13 +0000 (UTC) Message-ID: 264590017. More power and the same run time as it’s predecessor (the P7…. D) Fill - by typing in a value or dragging the slider you can specify the transparency of the color of the image or object. Немецкие специалисты работали и над модификацией P7 под патрон. Item Relisted! FS Hk P7 M13. It features a metal receiver, 9-inch barrel, adjustable sights, sing Click for more info. We carry a complete line of most current production and post production Heckler & Koch firearm parts. Buy HECKLER & KOCH HK ARMORERS PUCK/PUNCH TOOL P7 USP G36 MR556 416 MR762 417: GunBroker is the largest seller of HK Parts Gun Parts All: 885712593. Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2022 04:19:41 -0700 (PDT) Message-ID: 1221446869. Desc: A pristene Blued 9mm semi auto P7 with the plum colored slide, fixed sights; all the German markings on the left side of the slide; on the alternate slide of the slide is a four digit serial number (41XX), HK P7 …. Post H&K news, show off your guns …. Williams improved to 20-1 with six knockouts, while Pabustan’s record. Heckler & Koch HK416 22LR Semi Automatic Rifle- 81000401. This chamber gets hot, much like a barrel …. ADL5500ACBZ-P7 - Analog Devices. 65mm) 8 Rounds EARLY DATE (#7) This mag is for a Heckler& Koch (HK H&K) M4 Model 4 semi automatic pistol in. Sneaky Pete; Ammo Armor; View all Brands; Home; Glock; Glock 19 Holsters; Glock 19 Holsters. What is the real difference between a grade a and a grade b HK P7…. H&K P7 P7M8 in excellent condition with lots of extra. ATB2 40BLEDE70 MVOLT R2 HK NL P7 SH ATB2 40BLEDE10 MVOLT R2 HK NL P7 SH ATB2 40BLEDE13 MVOLT R2 HK NL P7 SH ATB2 40BLEDE15 MVOLT R3 HK NL P7 SH are within the range of specified operating temperatures and are operated within the electrical values …. 99; Brand: HK; Item Number: 216-001560; HK VP9 9mm Police Trade-in Pistols (Good Condition) $549. Member Benefits: And for what its worth, I don't know of a more accurate and easy to carry 9mm than the p7 Update: according to the hkp7. Its high price may be a turnoff, but when compared to cheaper firearms …. Techmeme: DVD rental and streaming company Redbox is …. Buy HK P7 M13 “RARE” CLEAN 1993: GunBroker is the largest seller of Semi Auto Pistols Pistols Guns & Firearms All: 939594267 The one mag does show light use. Details about HK Heckler Koch P7 M13 Box Great Shape Hard To Find Box Only Look Nice See original listing HK Heckler Koch P7 M13 Box Great Shape Hard To Find Box Only. The magazine lever is located beneath the. NICKEL Westport, CT: New: 4/23/2022: 9MM LUGER H K HK P7 M13 LIKE NEW W/2 MAGS. International postage – items may be subject to customs processing depending on the item's customs value. And for what its worth, I don't know of a more accurate and easy to carry 9mm than the p7. 45 ACP 12 Rounds Steel Blued HEC-A1 ProMag H&K USP Full Size Magazine HK USP Compact---Pros/Cons Your …. The pistol appears “as new” but has been at least test fired. What you need to build a full rifle is receiver and barrel, and an HK gunsmith. Discover Value Through Demystification. P9: The green electronic products are economical. Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2022 14:16:04 +0000 (GMT) Message-ID: 1866448215. 9MM LUGER (9X19 PARA) SEMI AUTO 8 ROUNDS 4 BARREL. 00: 8/9/22 Century C308 HK91 Clone. 比較超過11943 手提電腦 的價格,查看詳細規格、用家意見、相關情報及二手買賣,安心訂購產品享折扣優惠及購物保障. Current Blue Book of Gun Values (35th edition-current edition) list its value at $3,200 …. Military APO/FPO/DPO addresses. When Wu Chi-wai, chairman of Hong Kong’s largest pro-democracy party, decided to serve an extended term in the city’s legislature, he did not …. 09in Black Pistol - 10+1 Rounds - The VP Series is Heckler & Koch's first striker-fired HK since the P7 series pistols introduced in the 1980s. I purchased a P7 PSP german police trade in in 2009 for $499 plus …. Signature LWG HK P7 comprehensive action cleanup package. The average price as of that date was $1259. HECKLER KOCH P7 M10 Description: HK P7 M10 LIKE NEW IN FACTORY SERIAL NUMBERED BOX THIS IS ONE OF THE FIRST 10 P7 M10 NICKELS EVER MADE GUN IS 99% MINT CONDITION PICS TELL ALL Price: Handgun Caliber:. Which firearm has better quality between a Sig Sauer and an H…. 0 Content-Type: multipart/related; boundary="----=_NextPart_01C995A8. This overall objective is the fundamental driver for the relevant learning outcomes within the Paper P7 syllabus, namely: Accounting estimates – this can include fair value …. 39172 I recall handling a P7 like this many years ago. The HK USP (Universelle Selbstladepistole - "Universal Self-loading Pistol") pistol is a further replacement of the HK P7 …. In fact, HK was the company who first made a polymer framed pistol (VP70), despite Glock popularizing that type of gun These guns are generations away from each other and totally different 95 Without compromise, the HK pistols for sale surpass the requirements set by security, military, and law enforcement personnel 380 ACP/ 380 for HK P30 A recent HK …. This particular HK P7 M8 series as an M8 - carrying a total of 8 9x19mm Parabellum cartridges in a single stack magazine. In development for more than four years, the VP9 is HK's first striker-fired handgun since the P7 series was introduced in the 1980s HK VP9SK Holster IWB Kydex Holster Custom Fit: Heckler & Koch (H&K) HK …. In the table header, below the nominal diameters, are the normal tolerances for the bore or outside diameters of radial bearings (excluding t p7 …. Item Name: FS HK P7 PSP Location: Town Center mall Zip Code: 30066 Item is for: Sale Only Sale Price: $2700 Caliber: 9mm Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: Yes Bill of Sale Info: Drivers license info Item Description: Price lowered. Related Searches: hk p7 holster H&K P2000, Sig 2022. The building has a remaining life of 15 years, no salvage value…. FOR S/H/INS TO YOUR FFL DEALER Price: $ 2750. release (textured) HK P7 GRIPS w/ protruding mag. It looks good (some finish wear, but the fit is tight. 99; Brand: HK; Item Number: USD-HK-P30-40N; HK USP Compact. I Just Don't Get The Allure of the HK P7 or HK Prices In General. This is a ProMag STEEL 8-round magazine for Heckler & Koch P7 M8 pistols in 9mm. “M8”, eagle over “N” proof and “Hk Inc. Sell your Heckler koch p7 for FREE today on GunsAmerica! Login Register Menu. Item Description: Translate description. Menu customization takes place in the Customize dialog box. I will say that I've purchased seven and sold four different versions of P7s over the last couple of years. uk> Subject: Exported From Confluence …. HK P7 M8 9mm (PR59756) "The Best Damn Gunshop in the World" 7626 Westheimer @ Voss, Houston, Texas 77063. German police squeeze cocker pistol. Pabustan was slapped with a crucial deduction for a low blow and lost to Williams on all three scorecards. ნომრის ნახვა HK Magazine, 45ACP, 8Rd, Fits HK45-C and USP-C, HK 234269S MAG HK45C 45 COMPACT 8R With a full magazine, the USP Compact …. Promo code is valid for select Hong Kong activities. Classic Pistol: Heckler & Koch P7 Series | Gu…. These figures may not reflect real life driving results, which will …. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Millett Sights HK P7 Dovetail Front Sight Orange Bar (352) at the best online prices at eBay. Assistant Manager, Customer Service & Operations,-BA (Hons) Business Administration (Top-up) | …. HK VP9 9mm 4 Jan 18 HK VP9L Optic Ready - Shot Show 2021 EGW red dot sightsare meant to be installed from the left to the right (with the muzzle facing forward) We are now shipping our latest design for the H&K® P30, P30L, P30SK, HK 45 HK 45 Tactical, including Compact, and VP9, VP40 (including VP9/40SK models) series pistols 5 HK …. The P7 has become quite the collectors item, contrary to what some people say about HK's being collectible. VOLVO XC70 D5 AWD 2013 Automat 1 Ägare. For sale is an HK P7 PSP semi-automatic pistol in 9mm. FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT AND CIVILAN PURCHASE. P10: The green electronic products offer value …. Distributor has many of the rougher P7's refinished in HC. Dadavani-Eng-March-2022b+' b+' BOOKMOBI§S è%4 ,! 4× ¥ E Lµ Td \6 cu k` s{ {m ƒJ Šë ’g šv ¢‹"ª†$²J&ºœ(à *Ê´,Òã. Best Heckler and Koch Pistols Review (2021). FB51A6C0" This document is a Single File Web Page, …. For blued in that kind of shape WITH the box, manual, test target all accessories you are looking at $3-$3. prod> Subject: Exported From Confluence …. I am on the fence about buying a HK P7 that is "new in box". An incomplete list of documents required. You can ask what ever price you wish. The front strap needs to be squeezed in about a …. E9FC4410" This document is a Single File Web Page, …. Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2022 05:15:34 -0700 (PDT) Message-ID: 926130247. Posted: 8/3/2020 10:16:04 AM EDT I don't need an HK P7, but I think I want one. When the player have made such a move, its energy increases by hk - hk + 1 (if this value is negative the player loses energy). Item Name: FS/FT Walther HK mp5 22lr Location: Rome Zip Code: 30165 Item is for: Sale or Trade Sale Price: 700 Trade Value or Items Looking For: Lever action rifle and or Ruger/ S&W revolver Willing to Ship: similar to the H&K P7…. The black polymer textured grips, trigger and heat shield are excellent. HK, Walther, Umarex HK416 50 Round –. First designed in 1976, Heckler & Koch's P7 gas-retarded, delayed blowback pistol stand out from most all other handguns with its unique squeeze-cocking mechanism. HK Proshop : For the Heckler and Koch Enthusiast Register a free account today to become a member! Once signed in, you'll be able to …. The squeeze cocker is simple to use and the manual of arms even simpler still. Bluebook of Gun Values (31st Edition) indicates between $975 in 95% condition and $1500 in 100% condition for this gun. 13 (PH time) at the Findaly Toyota Center in Precott Valley in Arizona.